Growing up in a simple, sensory-rich playground of hay bales, cornfields and red clay banks on our farm in western Wisconsin formed my artistic expression. I made little clay pots decorated with weeds and let them dry out in the sun, my first clay creations.

In high school, clay captured my interest. My art teacher offered insight about how clay holds memory – working with clay was like building a relationship. I learned to throw on the kick wheel, mix glazes and load the kiln. I loved the endless possibilities and challenges that clay provided. I was hooked.

In college, I studied drawing, photography and painting in addition to ceramics. I featured my ceramic work as the primary medium in two installations my senior year. I felt most connected to ceramics because of it's functionality, immediacy and palpability as an art form.

After college, I pursued artistic interests on both coasts. At Supermud Pottery in New York City, I focused on small tableware pieces using brown speckled stoneware. In northern Wisconsin, I learned to refine functional features while producing a line of drinking vessels and apple bowls at a production pottery studio. These experiences expanded my understanding of making, using, and viewing ceramic work and have inspired opportunities to show work at galleries, art crawls and art festivals.

In 2012, I moved to Minneapolis, serendipitously just one block away from the Northern Clay Center (NCC). At NCC and Powderhorn Recreation Center, I’ve taken a wide range of classes that have truly expanded my personal toolkit in advancing technique, understanding materials and developing my aesthetic.

I am grateful to be a part of the thriving clay and arts scene in the Twin Cities. Last summer, I sold ceramic work at the Whittier Farmers Market in South Minneapolis and have gallery representation at the Banfill-Locke Center for the Arts in Fridley, MN. Starting in Fall 2016, as a student of the MN New Institute for Ceramic Education Program (MN NICE) at NCC, I am focusing on advancing my work and practice while studying under the accomplished ceramic artist Ursula Hargens. I can’t wait to continue to define and explore my work on a deeper level and share my work with the greater community.